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Cover for: On the Road, Into the Woods, In the Garden, and Within the House
Cover for: On the Road, Into the Woods, In the Garden, and Within the House

Reviews of Publications

Our current publications continue to elicit wonderful comments from readers.  One recipient of the books said: "I must say that the books you sent are really masterpieces of the book-makers art.  They are strikingly beautiful pieces of work, and I am looking forward to plunging into them very soon."  D. L.

Comments on individual books are posted below, reviews require you to click on the title.

News of our Publications


Comments on the 2015 Publications

On the Road, Into the Woods, In the Garden and Within the House.

One reader says: "The new book is like a bucket list form - I see places I would never get to...I need one more of the new book." (KS)

Another reader says about the author/photographer: "I am in admiration of your sensitive & creative eye...as well as your rich observations & insights...you are indeed a master with a healthy grasp of humanity, beauty coupled with fine technical abilities..."(RK)

Photographs from the section In the Garden served as the inspiration for composer Michael Lee's ballet, The Garden, with choreography by Clara Cravey Stanley, Mary Margaret Holt and Ilya Kozadyev.  It premiered on March 9, 2017 in a performance by the Oklahoma Festival Ballet.


Older Publications


Doors and Passageways in Eisenstadt - 2013

Our 2013 publication is a beautiful, small book of photographs taken in Eisenstadt, Austria.  This book, Doors and passageways in Eisenstadt, explores the visual charms of doors and passageways found in the very small, and very appealing city of Eisenstadt where the author and photographer spent ten days in the summer of 2012. 

A comment from a reader:  "...and I now notice that the well-worn door is temptingly open on the fron and firmly closed on the back, already s suggestion of the care that has been given to every aspect of this delightful and most original work." (GD)


Adoration of Characters ---2012

 Lei Cai's book; Adoration of Characters.  This beautiful book created by a young Chinese arts contains sixty-three images of mixed media paintings based on Chinese language characters that have been deconstructed; stripped of their literary meanings.  What the deconstructed characters retain is the abstract, but immediately breathtaking beauty of the Chinese calligraphic writing system.  This book is an outstanding example of how young Chinese artists, while drawing on very old traditional art forms are creating something very new and exciting today.


Becoming the Village Potter,, the story of Linn L. Phelan - 2012

Becoming the Village Potter, has been available since December 2012.   Containing many personal details of his life and lavishly illustrated this book follows the career of Linn L. Phelan (1906-1992).  He had a long, productive and varied career beginning in Rochester, NY then moving to Maine before becoming the founding potter at the School for American Craftsmen when it was founded at Dartmouth College in 1944..  The book contains many color photographs of his work from each phase of his career.  It is also available in a signed and numbered, limited edition (only 50 copies) casebound version for $90 including s/h.

This book was a finalist for an Oklahoma Center for The Book award in the Design/Illustration category.  It is still available.


Two in Tuscany with a Donkey - 2011

Two in Tuscany with a Donkey, was written almost a century ago by the founder of Rowantrees Pottery, Adelaide Pearson.  The book is about a trip by donkey cart in Tuscany, Italy taken by Pearson and a friend in 1912.   Now shipping, the book includes  biographical information about Pearson and an extensive selection of her later photographs, along with the complete manuscript and that includes the original photographs.  She was a talented photographer and cinematographer as well as a charming writer.  This book was released on July 7, 2011 at the Blue Hill Public Library.  It is also available in a signed and numbered, limited edition (only 50 copies) casebound version for $90 including s/h.

It is still available.

Following the Brick Path - 2010

 Following the Brick Path, the story of Rowantrees Pottery was released in Blue Hill on July 31, 2010 at a standing room only book signing at the Blue Hill Public Library.  Both the author and Sheila Varnum, the last owner of Rowantrees Pottery were on hand to sign books  Rowantrees Pottery which recently ceased production, produced functional pottery from local materials that was beloved by its many collectors.  The book, 228 pages long, and lavishly illustrated, describes in great detail, the very interesting story of the pottery and the three personalities who's skillful and determined stewardship allowed it to persevere (against great odds) for 75 years.  The book has received rave reviews from readers who have called it a "tour de force."  It is also available in a signed and numbered, limited edition (only 50 copies) casebound version for $90 including s/h.

It continues to attract readers, both as a souce for collectors of Rowantrees ware, but also because of the wonderful story of the pottery.

One reader called it,   " a tour de force.."  P.D.

Uncommonly Good

Quotes from readers and Reviews. To see the reviews, click on Uncommonly Good.

Quotes: Mary Brubaker, Des Moines, IA: "The book is awesome! Wonderful! Excellent! Readable! Beautiful! And all things books should be." Lawrence Mills, Pella College, IA "I thoroughly enjoyed the Leonard Good book. Well researched - well written - well designed - and well printed."