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History and Purpose of Quail Creek Editions

Founded in 2008, Quail Creek Editions is dedicated to the publication of small editions of books and DVDs of the highest quality and generally focuses on subjects in the areas of history and the arts. In all its publications it strives to integrate outstanding design with scholarship and historical insight.

Since it has chosen to focus on publishing material that  seems appropriate for small editions and does not appeal to larger publishers, we belive it is fulfilling a public service niche by making these materials available to the public.  While organized as a for profit company, its goal is not to make a profit per se, but simply to generate sufficient income so as to allow it to continue to make available to the public unique topics and stories.

We hope you will peruse our offerings and find items that appeal to you for purchase thus allowing us to continue our mission.

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Ordering Information

Please send your orders to: Quail Creek Editions, 1811 Quail Creek Dr., Norman, OK 73026-0944

Quail Creek Editions may be contacted via phone at 405.447.9083 or via fax at 405.447.0943

At this time we are only accepting orders from individuals via mail with payment accompanying the order.  However we will invoice libraries and schools submitting a purchase order.

To order plese indicate the item (or items) requested and the number of each item.  Please note the shipping/handling charge of $5 per book or $2.50 per DVD applies to each item ordered.  All orders shipped to an address in the state of Oklahoma require 8.25% sales tax.