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Uncommonly Good

Leonard Phelps Good, educator and artist 1907-2000

Andrew L. Phelan   |  Perfect bound (209 pages lavishly illustrated)   |  $40
ISBN13: 978-0-9788570-1-1
Down from Idyllwild
Down from Idyllwild
Leonard at Tinker Field c. 1943
Leonard at Tinker Field c. 1943
Summer Pond

Leonard Good, born in 1907, the same year that Indian terrirority became the State of Oklahoma, went on to study at the University of Oklahoma and to a successful career as an artist and teacher.  Good had a long and fruitful career as both educator and artist.  As a teacher at the University of Oklahoma, the University of Wisconsin and faculty member and Chair of the Department of Art at Drake University, he influenced many students and his paintings are treasured by collectors and museums alike. 

His story is not without some drama, but considering he lived through three wars and experienced  the social upheaval that so frequently engulfed the 20th Century, it is remarkable that his art work contains so few little hints of the social and economic turmoil of those periods.  Instead, he focused on the beauty of the natural world that surrounded him and his paintings are filled with the delights of color and light.

Copiously illustrated with personal letters and family photographs as well as containing a large selection of his paintings and photographs, the book celebrates his life and accomplishments.



The book is awesome! Wonderful! Excellent! Readable! Beautiful! And all things books should be.

- Mary Brubaker, Des Moines IA