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Unfinished, Unknown or Unseen

The Life of Emilio Amero (1901-1976)

Andrew L. Phelan   |  perfect bound (208)   |  $45
ISBN13: 978-0-9788570-9-7
Cover for the Book Unfinished, Unknown or Unseen
Cover for the Book Unfinished, Unknown or Unseen

Best known as a printmaker and painter, he also created a rich body of work in design, film and photography. He worked on the Mexican Mural Project along with Rivera, Orozco, and Mérida before going to New York City. There he enjoyed considerable success as a designer and collaborated with a couple of famous poets on unsuccessful films before returning to Mexico City. During the 1930s he alternated between New York and Mexico City before going to Seattle in 1941. The last 30 years of his life were spent as a professor at the University of Oklahoma. Along with his creative work, he established a gallery in Mexico City and a print shop and school in Seattle. This book draws on his personal archive of documents and images as well as extended conversations with his son. The seven folios in the book contain examples of Amero’s work in design, illustration, photography and some stills from his films.  208 pages.