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Cover for:  Tamara Karsavina, Beyond the Ballerina.
Cover for: Tamara Karsavina, Beyond the Ballerina.

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Founded in 2008, Quail Creek Editions is dedicated to the publication of small editions of books and DVDs of the highest quality and generally focuses on subjects in the areas of history and the arts. In all its publications it strives to integrate outstanding design with scholarship and historical insight.

Quail Creek Editions is, and will remain, a publisher of small numbers of books and DVD's on topics generally not available elsewhere.

The unique publications include original works such as Emilio Amero's surviving films  (transfered to DVD), Adelaide Pearson's previously unpublished travel account, Two in Tuscany with a Donkey (originally written in 1912)  as well as historical books on topics in art, history as well as film history and craft history.  Noted international scholars such as Guillermo Sheridan have contributed to its publications.  Two photographic books were added over the past few years. Quail Creek Editions remains committed to offering the public small editions of unique books and DVD's unavailable anywhere else.

For 2018 a new category of offerings in Dance History was added with the publication of a previously unknown manuscript by Tamara Karsavina, the outstanding Russian ballerina of the early 20th Century who wrote the manuscript in 1958.  The manuscript is the surviving portion of a planned longer book that was never published. 

For 2017 the press published a book Virtuous Journeys Abroad, a series of essays by students about their experiences abroad while studying under the auspices of the College of International Studies at the University of Oklahoma Collee of International Studies. In 2016 the publication of a book of poetry by Helene Coogan, with the title of The Writer She Wanted to Be..., which contains fifty poems written in the 1930s was our first venture in poetry.  Later, writing under her married name, Helene C. Phelan, she wrote  seven histories - most focused on the Southern Tier area of Western New York State. These fifty poems written early in her life give insight into her subsequent career. 

Also published in 2016 were two books done in partnership with other organizations. The first, done in conjunction with the Almond Historical Society is The Almond Story, The Early Years, the 3rd Edition.  This is an expanded edition of a book originally written in 1962 by John Reynolds, first President of the Almond (New York) Historical Society.  It is available from the Almond Historical Society, 7 Main Street, Almond, NY, 14804 for $18 plus $4 s&h.

Another book done in conjunction with the School of Dance of the University of Oklahoma, was an exhibition catalog of the exhibition From Diaghilev to Terekhov & Chouteau, at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art.  This very handsome catalog is available from the University of Oklahoma School of Dance, 560 Parrington Oval, RM 1000, Norman, OK 73019.  It is priced at $22 plus s&h.

In 2015 two titles were added.  The first, On the Road, Into the Woods, In the Garden and Within the House, is part photographic essay, part travel book and part a nuturalist's photographic journal.  It records places visited as well as places inhabited.  The commentary is alternately wry and philosophical.

The second new title added in 2015 was a book about the Mexican artist, Emilio Amero, Unfinished, Unknown or Unseen.  This book explores the life of painter, printmaker and photographer Emilio Amero and features many of his previoulsly unseen photographs and designs or illustrations.  (The 2009 book, El rio sin tacto, about the cinematic collaboration of Ameo and Gilberto Owen remains in print and available for shipping.)

The photographic essay Doors and Passageways in Eisenstadt published 2013 remains available as does Lei Cai's book, Adoration of Characters (2012).   Additionally, older titles including Becoming the Village Potter, the Life of Linn L. Phelan, and Following the Brick Path, the story of Rowantrees Pottery, are still available.

Quail Creek Editions expects to continue to expand its offerings at a measured pace  It has no intentions of becoming a large operation and will continue to focus within a narrow conceptual and aesthetic framework where it is able to maintain strict control over the quality of its offerings.

Planned for publication in 2017 is the story of two intertwined mid-twentieth century efforts to take art to the rural towns and small cities of New York State and the woman who was the driving force behind both.

We hope this will be of interest to you.


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